The Effects of Social Media throughout Online Learning


Photo Courtesy of Social Songbird, Sugar Spun Marketing

Social media distractions can cause students to become behind on schoolwork and unfocused on Zoom.

Jackie Gildo, Staff Writer

It’s the 21st century and social media has become a necessity to most. With most students having access to social media, it can be easy to pick up the phone instead of completing online assignments.

Throughout the pandemic, motivation can become low and social media can only add to that factor. This distraction may allow students to become behind on their assignments which can be hard to catch up. 

“Sometimes I’m distracted by my phone but I don’t usually miss anything important,” said sophomore Faith Nunez. 

Social media has several types of platforms all with different kinds of entertainment. Anyone can post or publish a form of content on apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Triller.

“I have various social media platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram,” said freshman Annabelle Kump.

According to the Washington Post, teenagers have an average screen time of seven hours and 22 minutes per day. This does not count the amount of screen time used during school hours and for homework. 

“My screen time is about seven hours a day,” said sophomore Justine Fryatt. 

According to Jennifer Walsh, author of “Emerging Adulthood” states that social media can affect students’ academic behavior which includes not completing assignments and lack of sleep. Students can become addicted to social media, causing them to not be able to go without their devices for 10 minutes.

“My phone probably has affected my grades slightly but I think I’ve handled it pretty well,” Fryatt said. “I haven’t let my grades slip so I haven’t worried about it.”

According to Kump, she believes most students are already struggling to find motivation for online school and Zoom classes and social media has not helped. 

“I 100% believe all of my peers are also struggling with having their phones distract them and affect their grades,” Kump said.