Playstation 5 Popularity: PS5 fast sellouts and low stock causes frustration


Photo Courtesy of Push Square

The Playstation 5 created by Sony retails for $399-$499 dollars depending on the version.

Alex Ivanuska

The holiday season’s hottest item was the Playstation 5 created by Sony. Even at the price of $499.99 for the disc version and $399.99 for the digital version, many people have been wanting it but the stock seems to be very low. As of now, every restock sells out within minutes of the release, making this desired item very hard to get.

Junior Jonathon Green explains the frustration that comes with the quick sellouts of the item.

“The frustration is like when you’re walking in the kitchen late at night and stub your toe, it’s like that frustration times 10,” Green said.

That frustration comes from the quick sellouts and the low amount of stock that is being released. The big question is why are they selling out so fast?

“Everyone wants to be trendy and everyone wants to have the new thing so I think that is why it’s selling out so fast,” said junior Russell Blevins.

Going through the actual process of getting a Playstation 5 is pretty tough causing people to wait minutes and even hours to snag one.

“I usually log on the website thirty minutes to an hour before it drops because you want to be the first one on there,” Green said. “You just sit there and camp the page out as you would a Black Friday sale. You just sit there and wait and click on it and hopefully you get one.“

Senior Brandon Ahart was able to get a Playstation 5 from Sony themselves which can be tough to get.

“I got a tweet on Twitter from a person informing people that the queue had started so I joined the queue as fast as possible and I waited in the queue until it was my turn,” Ahart said. “Thankfully there were still Playstations in stock and I hurried up and added it to my cart and secured it. I was very grateful and happy.”

While it may seem impossible to get one, Ahart is an example that it is possible. It may take a lot of attempts, but that’s what it took for Ahart to secure one.

“I have been trying every opportunity since the Nov. 12th release,” Ahart said. “It probably took me about 20 or more times that I had tried and failed.”