Former Utah Royals make way to KC

New logo for Kansas City’s new Women’s soccer team. Photo from

Riley Merrick, Staff Writer

There is much excitement surrounding the return of the Utah Royals to Kansas City. Although the new team name is still pending, they are about to start a fresh new season back on their home turf.

The Utah Royals were once FC Kansas City starting in 2012, but folded in 2017 after ownership changed.

“Making a women’s team was a practical decision for sure,” said junior David Betts. “There are more women’s soccer fans in KC now than there ever has been. I think they will have the backup and support from other sports teams around here as well which will help show even more interest in them.”

The sport of soccer is thriving right now in the community according to sophomore Ryann Clark. It is believed that bringing this National Women’s Soccer League team back to KC will grow the soccer fan base even more.

“Kansas City has a lot of pride in our teams so there will be even more people getting involved in the community,” Clark said. “It will also bring more role models that can inspire younger girls who play soccer.”

It was announced in December 2020 that Brittany Matthews, former pro soccer player and fiancee of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, will be a part-owner of the soccer team.

“I think it is awesome,” said senior Lexi Miles. “Since she’s a former collegiate and pro player, it reassures a lot of fans to know that they’re in it for the girls and not just the big name or the business aspect.”

The team has some exciting names on the roster for this coming season. One of them being Jaycie Johnson, who was a part of the last KC women’s team.
“I’m excited to see how Jaycie Johnson will do because she’s coming off her 3rd ACL tear and that’s inspiring to me since I’m going through the injury right now,” says Miles. “I was really looking forward to seeing some USWNT girls, but since we lost them, I’m most excited for our draft picks. Kiki Palmer was our first draft pick, an expensive one, but she’s a really good player and I think she’ll make it far in the league so I’m excited to support her.”
Many soccer players are excited about the return of this team and are hopeful that this will help the growth of the Kansas City soccer community.
“I think this will have a positive impact on our community,” stated Betts. “Before there was limited opportunity for women soccer players to have a chance of playing professionally but with a new team I think we’ll get to see more players from KC make it.”