COVID-19 does not stop spring break travel


Photo courtesy of Lilly Ladish

Sophomore Lilly Ladish and other Piper students in Ft. Lauderdale, FL pose before going to dinner.

Riley Merrick, Staff Writer

As spring break arrived in schools, many tried to keep their plans as normal as possible. However, some had to alter their plans due to the pandemic. 

Between airports and hotel rooms, there can be a lot to be cautious about regarding COVID protocols. Airports require masks at all times, and hotels have limited rooms open. 

According to sophomore Lilly Ladish, who traveled to Florida with a few other students, there were many precautions taken to make travelers feel safe. 

“I felt very safe flying,” Ladish said. “Masks were required at all times and the flight attendants made a great job of making sure we were following all restrictions. We stayed at the B-Ocean Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,  and felt very safe there as well. Just like the plane, masks were required and everyone followed the rules.”

Florida and Colorado are usually hot travel spots each spring break and that did not change this year. This can lead to potential danger regarding COVID, especially in Florida where there is not a mask mandate.

However, freshman Caroline Vogel took a trip to Keystone, CO where there is a mask mandate. According to Vogel, guidelines were taken into consideration.

“People were good about wearing masks everywhere we went including restaurants, stores, and even the mountains,” Vogel says. “Mainly the only time people weren’t wearing masks was when they were eating, and places were good about keeping people distanced from one another.”

Though many students traveled, some students decided the safest option was to stay home and make the best of their break in Kansas. 

Students like junior Kayden Collette, who works at Adidas, have jobs to keep them occupied and make money during their time off. 

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“Business did go up during spring break because of all the travelers coming to KC to shop around and see some new things,” Collette said. “We made a lot more money this past week than we have previously because of spring break,” Collette said. 

Even though plans might have been altered or canceled because of COVID, students still found a way to have a fun and memorable spring break. 

“I would give this trip an 8/10,” Ladish said. “It was so different with COVID, but overall I had a blast.