It is time to do away with state assessments


Astin Ramos

Freshmen Jack Wells, Alison Asbury, and Ethan Weber sit in class.

Alex Ivanuska, Sports Editor

It is that time of the year for students to take their state assessments, but how useful are they? Well, these assessments time and time again show barely any use anymore within the school systems and for the state.  

These tests are usually used to show where students are in their education and show how much they have improved or learned. However, there are many flaws to this. 

State assessments seem to test which students are good at test-taking strategies and skills rather than if they learned information from the time they took their previous assessment. Therefore, you can’t use these tests to see what students learn when they get one shot on a test that is usually strategy-based. 

A student could have had a bad night before the test, didn’t get enough sleep, or forgot to eat breakfast and could have had many more problems leading up to the test. These problems all could have effects on the student’s test scores which don’t show the true skills of the student or true improvement.  

Another flaw in these assessments is that not enough students try their best on these tests to truly make them accurate. There is no incentive if a student does well and there is no type of punishment if a student does not do adequately. Therefore, most students aren’t going to give it their all to get a good score on these assessments which devalues the assessment. 

On the other hand, teachers can use these tests to see where to place students in certain classes based on their scores. That could be helpful for teachers to use that but yet again, it is just one test score and that seems unfair to base off of just that. According to the National Education Association, 70% of educators say that state assessments are not developmentally appropriate. Therefore, even most teachers aren’t big fans of the state assessments anyways. 

Instead of having students take this singular test to see the education they have received, there should either be a series of tests or just look through the student’s work ethic and grades throughout the year and evaluate based on that.   

If you look at a student’s school work in their class throughout the year, you can get a better understanding of their overall improvement in the class. You have multiple assignments and tests to base this information on rather than just one assessment given by the state. With this information right in front of us, it is time to do away with the state assessments as they hold no true value or purpose.