Prom Gone Wrong: Students find disappointment after subpar prom experience


Nevaeh Fakeye and other students dancing at the senior prom.

Riley Merrick, Staff Writer

After a year of no school dances, due to COVID-19, the senior-only prom was held at the Willow Creek venue on April 17th. The attending seniors were allowed to bring a guest with them from another school or another class.

Prom is one of the most favorable events of the school year for upperclassmen as they are able to dress up and go have fun with their classmates and friends. But this year, it wasn’t as fun as expected. 

I expected to have a lot more fun and see a lot more dancing,” said senior Amaya Starks. “It felt like a social event rather than a prom. I wanted to go out with a bang it being my senior year and all but that was not achieved sadly.”

Many seniors were upset with the outcome of prom, claiming that the DJ did not fulfill his duties. 

“I didn’t really like his music,” said senior Wyatt Busick. “He didn’t really play any requests and because he was looking up the songs on YouTube, there was an awkward pause between each song.” 

According to those who attended prom, the DJ used YouTube to play music which didn’t work well according to the students. When January Batcheler, prom coordinator, was asked about the DJ, she declined to respond.

However, she did have some things to say about the cost. It was also said that last years’ prom committee only met once to plan the prom. 

We knew we would only be able to have 120 students attend the prom. This means our maximum ticket sales would be $1200,” Batcheler said. “The school absorbed the cost of the DJ, the balance owed to the venue, and security expenses. There were no decoration expenses paid for by the school this year. The other expenses I had were raffle items, beverages and cookies. These were paid for through donations from the Piper Optimist Club, and other private donations.”

When asked about the most favorite and least favorite part about prom, the responses were quite the same. 

“I really enjoyed the before and after,” Busick said. “The music was my least favorite part.”

The music was my least favorite part.”

— Wyatt Busick

Similar to Busick, Starks enjoyed the before and after.

My favorite part was going to IHOP afterwards. It was nice to relax and eat and talk with my friends. We also looked very good while doing it. My least favorite part was the music and the DJ. I felt that it could have been a better way of doing it rather than some guy with a computer.”

With this being the senior’s last school dance and last prom, they were disappointed with the outcome. 

I feel kind of sad because it wasn’t what I would have expected from my last dance,” Starks said. “I wish we could have a redo but alas we cannot. I think that next year could possibly be better because they are more prepared for it. However, I still wish my last dance was one that I wanted to remember.”