Taylor Swift rerecords Fearless


Brylie Reese

Taylor Swift regains rights to her songs and re-records the album.

Brylie Reese

Throughout her career, Taylor Swift has accomplished amazing things, such as winning multiple country music awards, grammys, and MTV awards. Most recently becoming the first singer to win Album of the Year across three different genres; country, pop, and alternative.

Recently Swift has decided to re-record her older albums starting with the Grammy winning, Fearless. Swift started the re-recording process to reclaim the masters to her many classics. 

When Swift first started her career, her contract did not give her ownership over her own work. When she realized what was going on, she requested to be informed when it was being sold, so she could purchase it. However, her record label, Big Machine Records, sold them behind her back to record executive, Scooter Braun. This angered Swift and caused her to leave her record label once her contract ended. In November 2020, Swift regained the rights to re-record her old music. 

Shortly after regaining the rights, she announced her first re-recorded album came out on April 9. She recorded her first Grammy album of the year winner, Fearless. The album included 26 songs, six of which were not released with the initial album.

Prior to the release of the full album, “Fearless” (Taylor’s Version), she released ““You All Over Me” (Taylor’s Version) (Featuring Maren Morris), and “Mr. Perfectly Fine” (Taylor’s Version). The day before the premiere of the album Swift released samples of multiple songs on the album, and even released a decoder on her Instagram for fans to uncover the names of her unreleased songs the album would feature. 

The album features the country twang and pop originality that catapulted Swift’s career. It also showcases how her voice has matured and polished throughout her career. 

I enjoyed hearing my favorite songs I always played as a kid, in a new way. They were put in a new light that brings it back to life for an older me. One of my favourite songs from the old album, Hey Stephen, sounded much more polished and made me fall in love with it all over again.

The unreleased songs on the album have quickly become some of my new favorites, and leaves me in awe on how they were excluded from the original album. The six unreleased songs grow the anticipation for the other recordings, so fans can see what other amazing songs she has withheld from us from each of her albums.