Meet the 2021 Homecoming candidates

Jai Moore

Astin Ramos, Photo Editor


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  • Top Row: (left to right) Olivia Blankenship, Olivia Golden, Alexis Gerber, Abigail Cahill, Zoey Pudenz Bottom Row: (left to right) Langston Bassett, Ethan Walker, Jai Moore, Adam Novak, Alex Ivanuska

  • Candidates Zoey Pudenz and Alex Ianuska

  • Candidates Abigail Cahill and Adam Novak

  • Candidates Ethan Walker and Olivia Golden

  • Candidates Olivia Blankenship and Langston Bassett

  • Candidates Alexis Gerber and Jai Moore

  • King Candidate Alex Ivanuska has played basketball for two years and been on newspaper staff for two years. His plans for after high school are to attend college and get a degree in sports management. His celebrity crush is Kendall Jenner, and he has met many famous athletes.

  • King Candidate Adam Novak has played soccer all four years and is a captain, was on newspaper staff for two years, and participated in debate. He plans to attend college where he will continue playing soccer. Novak’s celebrity crush is Mila Kunis, and his fun fact is that he has webbed toes.

  • King Candidate Ethan Walker has played football for four years, baseball for four years, and was on the newspaper staff for one year. Walker plans to attend the University of North Alabama to play baseball. His celebrity crush is Lori Harvey, and his fun fact is that Russell Westbrook is his favorite basketball player.

  • King Candidate Langston Bassett has participated in choir and band for four years, student council for three years, Black Leaders of America for four years, Prayer Warriors for three years, Track and Field for three years, Theater for four years, Key Club for four years, and Tri-M for fours years where he has been president. He plans to attend college where he will get a degree in Accounting and Finance. Bassett’s celebrity crush is Beyonce, and a fun fact about him is that he has never been able to touch his toes.

  • King Candidate Jai Moore played football for two years, basketball for one year, BLA for one year and broadcasting for one year. Moore plans to attend the University of Kansas and major in videography. His celebrity crush is Lauren London, and he plans to start vlogging on YouTube and pursue a career as a Youtuber.

  • Queen Candidate Zoey Pudenz is the senior class president, National Honor Society President, Dance Team Captain, and Newspaper co-editor-in-chief. Pudenz has also been involved in National Honor Society for two years, Student Council for three years, Key Club for three years, FCCLA for two years, Race Project KC for two years, 20/20 Leadership for two years, Prayer Warriors for four years, newspaper for three years, diversity club and is a Piper Education Fund Student Board Member. Pudenz plans to attend Kansas State University to major in Business Management and audition for the Classy Cat dance team. Her celebrity crush is Chris Evans, and she loves oatmeal raisin cookies.

  • Queen Candidate Abby Cahill is co-president of the Student Council. She has been in Student Council for four years, theatre for four years, show choir for four years, Tri-M for four years and forensics for two years. Cahill plans to attend college and major in sociology. She will then go to dental school in hopes of becoming a pediatric dentist. Her celebrity crush is Megan Thee Stallion, and Impractical Jokes is her comfort show. He favorite joker is Q.

  • Queen Candidate Liv Golden is a dance team captain and National Honor Society Vice President. Golden has also participated in dance for four years, Prayer Warriors for four years, Key club for four years, National Honor Society for two years and show choir for three years. She plans to attend Pittsburg State University to major in nursing with a minor in psychology and women’s studies. Her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan, and her gradnparents used to be goat farmers. She would assist in the birthing of the baby goats.

  • Queen Candidate Livi Blankenship co-president of Student Council, Vice President Gay Straight Alliance, Vice President of Kansas Young Democrats, and yearbook photo editor. Blankenship has participated in Student Council for four years, volleyball for two years, yearbook for two years, Piper Graphics for one year, Show Choir three years, Key Club three years, and National Honor Society for two years. She plans to attend Northwestern University to major in Computer Engineering with a minor in Criminology. Her celebrity crush is Willow Smith, and she failed out of the spelling bee in the fourth grade by purposely misspelling the word “potatoes.”

  • Queen Candidate Lexi Gerber has been on the dance team for three years. Gerber plans to attend Johnson County Community College to earn her associates and move on to a four year college to major in education. Her celebrity crush is Tom Holland, and she takes the cheese off pizza because she does not like cheese.

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