Drake does not Miss with New Album


Photo by Alex Ivanuska

“Certified Lover Boy” was highly anticipated by fans after waiting three years since Drake’s last studio album.

Alex Ivanuska, Sports Editor

On Sep. 3, the long-awaited album, “Certified Lover Boy”, was dropped by one of the most influential music artists of this generation, Drake. This album sparked a lot of conversation about his music that was negative and positive. However, the album was a very well produced project, and should have a lot of positive commentary surrounding it.

This is Drake’s sixth studio album, so there were many high expectations, especially after fans had to wait three years for a new project. His previous album, “Scorpion”, created a high standard that “Certified Lover Boy” unfortunately did not live up to. However, that doesn’t mean that this album wasn’t enjoyable still.

This album had many exquisite sampled beats that were produced. The song “Champagne Poetry” is a prime example of a great sample used. It was a more relaxed beat with soft singing in the background, which gave the album a good starting point, since it was the first song.

“Papi’s Home” also started out with a throwback type of singing which was enjoyable among many. This type of sample is becoming more popular in modern hip-hop music, which is why this was one of the most popular tracks of the album. 

On the other hand, a few songs had too much singing for his style of music. For example, the song “Piper Down” had a lot of singing throughout the song which could be why it is one of the lower songs on the charts. 

On his previous album “Scorpion”, Drake released many songs that are now known as his classics. Three out of Drake’s top four most streamed songs of all time come from “Scorpion.” This makes it very hard for “Certified Lover Boy” to live up to that. 

The song “TSU” definitely has the potential to become a classic Drake song. It has the qualities of most of Drake’s classics, with his melody and the way he flows. It has definitely put up good numbers to start. 

The number one song in the album so far has definitely been “Way 2 Sexy.” This was a song meant to hype people up, and it does just that. With features from Future and Young Thug, you just know it’s going to be good. This song can be played at any party or event and people will love it. 

This was a very good album produced by Drake despite some negative reviews. However, it was not his best album. This album deserves a 7.5/10 for its rating. The rating could have been a little bit higher if there was more creativity throughout the album. 

This album is still enjoyable, and I would recommend a good number of songs to listeners that would like to give it a listen. If you enjoy plenty of features and a variety of samples, this album might be enjoyable for you.