Hitting the Polls: Seniors register to vote in upcoming Bond Issue


Design by Zoey Pudenz

The last day to register to vote for the Jan. 25, 2022 bond issue is Jan. 4, 2022.

Zoey Pudenz, Co Editor-In-Chief

The community will hit the polls to vote on the new proposed Bond Issue on Jan. 25, 2022. The last day to register to vote is Jan. 4, 2022, which has many adult seniors eager to vote. 

The proposed Bond Issue came after the consistent growth of the community, resulting in overcrowding. If the bond issue is not passed, many of the high schoolers will have to learn in trailers, much like they did in 8th grade.

Though none of the benefits of the bond will affect the seniors, their goal is to be able to leave behind a more successful academic future.

“It is very important for this bond issue to be passed because with the growth of the Piper community, our schools are getting more crowded, increasingly understaffed, and not having the adequate resources to give every student the education that could be provided,” said senior Makenzie Robinett. 

Robinett is newly eligible to vote and plans on voting next January due to her experiences with overcrowding in the high school.

“When I found out I was able to vote on the bond issue, I was excited, and also relieved to know that the student’s voices and opinions were finally going to be heard,” Robinett said. “Seniors that are 18 should vote on the bond issue so that younger family members, and children in the community that are important to them get the same opportunities, if not more, that they have experienced.”

Robinett is worried that if the Bond issue is not passed, the district will be understaffed and continue to be overcrowded.

“If the bond issue is not passed, I would feel discouraged for the future of Piper and frustrated to see that the community does not realize how beneficial passing the bond issue would be for the education of Piper,” Robinett said. “If the bond issue is passed, every student would have a great education and have more opportunities than ever before.”

Another senior planning on voting in the Bond issue is Hunter Paulsen, who is glad that students will get to use their voice in this decision. According to Paulsen, after being completely virtual last year, he was “shocked” to see how many students were in the building.

“I feel very stressed out and anxious when traveling through the hallway or to my next class that I may be late because of how full the hallways are,” Paulsen said. “Now that I can vote in the bond issue, I feel like I am finally able to make a difference in my education and future education.”

According to Paulsen, the issues he has faced this year have altered his vote.

“I want the bond to pass even though I am a senior for the purpose of the students below me to get a better education,” Paulsen said. “As society keeps progressing, it is very important that students learn in a stress free environment.”

Superintendent Dr. Jessica Dain as well as Paulsen and Robinett are pushing seniors who are 18 to vote as they have experienced these issues first hand. 

To say I am ‘#PiperProud’ would be an understatement,” Dain said. “The support and passion our students are showing in passing this bond has me at the point of tears of sheer appreciation and intense pride.”