Concerts resume as world reopens


Rea Montgomery, Opinions Editor

With the fall of the omicron wave, there came a revamp in concerts of all sorts. As the US opened back up, so did artists’ ability to share their works with their fans. For some, this has come with hesitance, but others have welcomed this shift back to normal with open arms. 


Junior Faith Nunez has attended many concerts since reopening, with notable names like Machine Gun Kelly, Julien Baker, Backseat Lovers, and Louis Tomlinson. 


“It was really cool. I was in the pit for three of them.” Nunez said, “when I was in the pit, it was really cool, because we were around the middle, and it’s great to see other people’s reactions.” 


Nunez attended concerts despite some initial covid concerns. 


“I had a couple of concerns when I went to the Machine Gun Kelly one. But after things had settled down a little bit more, I wasn’t as worried.” Nunez said. 


Many concerts had means to protect people from covid, Including proof of vaccinations or a negative covid test. All but one of the venus Nunez went to required masks. 


“at different concerts, they had different spacing.” Nunez said, “So like at the Julian Baker one, there weren’t a lot of people there. it was just a kind of a spaced-out venue. So there was more room with that one, and the Machine Gun Kelly one there wasn’t a lot of space. It was really cramped.” 


Despite the crampedness of some venues, Nunez did not catch covid from any concert. With proper precautions and careful monitoring afterward, the concerts, for her, were safe.