Piper administrators share moments of growth from this school year

Freshman Calei McConnell, Staff Writer

Principal Bilee Grable and Assistant Principals Robert Cave and Taylor Mapp share their learning experiences and moments of growth as they conclude the 2022-2023 school year.
The administration made a large effort to ensure that they prepare students for the future through good conversations and the Academies. Grable makes an effort daily to get to know the students,and that is what will help students have the best impactful learning experience from attending Piper High School.
“What we are going to have to do is help kids who are going to change the world and make a big difference,” said Grable.
There are so many things that impact the career choices students make after they graduate from high school, but some of those best choices come into light later than they may expect. There is almost always something bigger that inspires us to accomplish what we want to do, and this is what encourages Cave.
“I feel that I want to grow my sphere of influence and impact the education field, not just my students, and have a bigger impact. That is really what encouraged me to get into the world of administration,” said Cave.
Principals and teachers have families too, and people rarely take the time to acknowledge how much time they invest in students. Those in administration are constantly having to figure out a family/work life balance, and that can become very difficult to maintain. Overall it is all about them prioritizing their lives, and discovering what is the most important to them.
“I want to give my job the best teacher-administrator I want to be, but I also want to give my family the best husband-father I can be if that makes sense,” said Cave.
Grable is only the second female principal to lead Piper High School, and with a male dominant role it is easy to see how challenging it can be to feel like you have to act tough to “fit a role.” Grable is helping us see that it only takes us being ourselves, and finding out what works for us to be successful.
“That’s why I said I came out hard, but I didn’t have to come out hard, I needed to come out as myself you know,” said Grable.
There are so many responsibilities that weigh on the shoulders of Piper High School’s administration, but one of the hardest things that they can do is sacrifice themselves at the extinction of teachers and students.

“I can fail but I can’t let my teachers or students fail,” said Cave.

Being an administrator means understanding what your priorities are, which comes with many years of experience. Time management and organization are key to successfully running a school.

“You have to prioritize what’s urgent and what can be pushed of tell later so you can get everything taken care of and make sure everything’s being focused on,” said Mapp.