PHS dance team puts on spring showcase

Ryleigh Hanschu, Staff Writer

To show off the hard work they’ve put into their season, The PHS dance team put on a spring showcase. 

“I really liked it,” said freshman Madi Raveill, who attended the show. “I thought it was fun and unique. I especially liked the boys’ dance!”

Sophomore Ramon Marks and other PHS boys performed a dance that they learned during Advisory the week of the showcase.

“Oh, you can bet that I’ll be there [next year] for sure,” said Marks. “If I can’t be in the show, I’ll be watching the show. Most likely more than a little mad and upset that I couldn’t be in the dance, but I’ll still watch it.”

The show’s theme was “Throwbacks,” tying into the fact that the dance team has not hosted a spring show in several years. The opening featured a compilation of pictures and videos of the dance team from years ago, including the team’s current coach Krista Brady.

“It was really cool to see how the dance team used to be back when our coach and other alumni were on the team,” said sophomore dance team member Riley Haworth.

The spring show might have appeared smooth, but there was lots of hard work preparing for the show.

“I absolutely loved the spring show,” said Brady. “But for our first show in many years, there were lots of hurdles to overcome, especially with getting everything scheduled and working around school and dancer activities.”

The end of the show was very emotional, with this being the last time the team would dance with the 2023 seniors.

“I look forward to coming back and watching the show next year!” said senior team member TyJanae Hooks.