Country superstar Kenny Chesney releases new album, “Cosmic Hallelujah”


Dirk Beashore, Sports Editor

Kenny Chesney’s 16th studio album titled “Cosmic Hallelujah” is the typical roller coaster ride that most Chesney albums are. He’ll bring you up and then take you down, just to bring you back up again. He has been able to take his fan base, the “No Shoes Nation,” on mental and emotional journeys with his music. In an interview done with Country Music Television, Chesney states that he wants to know that all of his music touches every person who listens to it, no matter what background.
This year, he was set to release a new album titled “Some Town Somewhere.” However, Chesney told Good Morning America that he felt it wasn’t what he or his fans wanted. So, he scrapped it completely and started over again. He titled it “Cosmic Hallelujah.”
The album has some of Chesney’s typical rock-out songs such as “All the Pretty Girls,” “Setting the World on Fire,” “Bar at the End of the World” and “Coach.” He also has some songs that talk about the issues with today’s society. One that sticks out is titled “Rich and Miserable.” This song is about not letting dreams become your “master,” because there is a chance you will realize your dreams but won’t have anyone to celebrate with and this song is about not forgetting to remember who helped you. Because being “Rich and Miserable” is where you’ll be if you don’t.
The 11 song album is a must for music fans in general, it has a message in every song that everyone can relate to.