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Show Review

Netflix’s documentary “Tiger King” captivates with cast of unreal characters

Blake Beashore, Web Editor

April 14, 2020

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is a captivating documentary about the ownership and breeding of big cats. The story is about much more than the cats. The real story is about the wild cast of characters fit for a late-night cartoon. You have Joe Exotic, once the owner of the G.W zoo but c...

Netflix’s CHEER shows the emotion and hardships involved within the sport

Netflix's CHEER was released on Christmas day this past year. A season two has not yet been confirmed.

Miles Lockridge, Staff Writer

January 26, 2020

Cheer is a sport. The raw beauty, as well as the refined perfection of the sport, is showcased in Netflix’s CHEER. The show follows the Navarro College cheer squad as they gear up for the National Cheer Association, or NCA, nationals held in Daytona, Florida. The Corsicana, Texas-based collegiate ch...

“YOU” season two lives up to expectations

Morgan Haworth

Morgan Haworth, Print Editor

January 10, 2020

*This story may contain spoilers to the TV series “YOU”* Season two of Netflix's hit TV series, “YOU”, came out on Dec. 26, consisting of ten new episodes just as twisted as season one. Again, we have main character Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, willing to do anything for his new l...

BuzzFeed Unsolved maintains perfect combination of humor and story telling

The cover image for the

Scout Molder, Editor-in-Chief

April 26, 2019

I’m about to write something that many people may initially disagree with, so buckle up: the infamous media outlet BuzzFeed has actually produced at least one good set of content, and that’s the series “BuzzFeed Unsolved.” BuzzFeed is notorious for many things, including its oddly specific...

“YOU” Netflix series gives chills

“YOU” Netflix series gives chills

Morgan Haworth, Print Editor

February 28, 2019

A hit Netflix TV series based off of Caroline Kepnes’s original novel, “YOU” is a 21st century love story centered around bookstore manager Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) who is willing to do anything for his love interest, aspiring writer Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). The show starts off slow-paced, wit...

‘Surviving R. Kelly’ docu series accurately shines light on discretions

R. Kelly flag for the docu series on Lifetime.

Scout Molder, Editor-in-Chief

February 22, 2019

Singer Aaliyah was 15 years old when she was illegally married to R&B artist Robert Kelly, more famously known as R. Kelly via falsified documents. This was the first of many controversial actions involving Kelly and underaged women, many of which are discussed in the Lifetime docuseries “Surv...

Drag queens bring the holiday spirit in annual tour

Lauren Textor, Editor-In-Chief

December 11, 2018

Drag is not something I thought I’d really enjoy, especially on a Wednesday. But when my friend called me at midnight and asked if I’d want to go with him the next day, I said yes, because spontaneous adventure is necessary for a healthy life. Going into the show, I was a little hesitant, because I had no i...

“The Click” comes to KC

Grace Haworth, Graphic Design Editor

April 24, 2018

Pop band AJR performed at the Truman in downtown Kansas City, Missouri April 11 as a part of their tour “The Click”. The performance consisted of their latest album “The Click," a new single “Burn the house down" and interactive and entertaining music experimentation. The band, consisting of thr...

The exciting Believe Cirque du Soleil show

Performers at the Cirque du Soleil show display their teamwork and acrobatic skills.

Morgan Haworth, Print Editor

March 12, 2018

My family and I went to The Believe Cirque du Soleil show on December 5, 2017, which was a series of extravagant acts. It started strong with two gymnasts who put together an impeccable routine. There were two ballet dancers and a clown who came on between acts. The next memorable act was three extreme...

Jon Bellion concert worth losing sleep on school night

Jon Bellion concert worth losing sleep on school night

Isley Ford, Social Media Editor

November 8, 2017

Jon Bellion is a pop singer who came to Kansas City, MO, Oct. 11 for his third Human Condition Tour at The Midland Arvest Bank Arena. The most upsetting part about the concert was that it was on a Wednesday, so I wasn't as excited to go as I would have been on a Friday or Saturday. My friend and ...

“Stranger Things” season 2 takes fans back to the Upside-Down

Hannah Haworth, Co-Web Editor

November 7, 2017

Before starting “Stranger Things” Season 2, I admittedly expected to be disappointed. The first season created high expectations for the second installment, but upon watching Season 2, I loved it almost more than the original. As soon as I started my nine-hour binge, I was immediately thrown back in...

“Black Mirror” provokes thought on the technological age

Abby Neal, Web Editor-In-Chief

March 6, 2017

A social media website that is so omniscient that your online presence can determine the type of job or house you get. A compound where young adults must spend years of their lives on stationary bicycles to power the rest of the world. A service that allows one to speak with deceased loved ones, using...

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