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Freshman fears

Senior Riley Porter and Sophomore Zoey Pudenz lead freshmen on a tour around a school.  Student Council gave tours of the school to the incoming freshmen on August 12.
August 20, 2019

Often in pop culture, high school is portrayed as a chaotic, dangerous place. Especially for those new to high school life.  As a new school year starts, a new class of students enters the school with...

More to the Story: Seniors tell about the obstacles they’ve faced in high school

When senior Emma johnson thinks about difficulties with her arthiritis, the stairs are the first thing that come to mind.
May 9, 2019

As the importance of having a college degree to having a successful career continues to increase, the significance of graduating high school is diminishing and it can become increasingly difficult to see...

Library still seen as asset to school

Senior Lexi Nigh studies for finals in the library.
May 9, 2019

A library is a collection of sources either digital or physical for students to take advantage of and help them. Although the library is free game, it’s not being used to its full potential. Most students...

Crispito comeback

Freshman, Audrey Menzies enjoying her lunch on April 30.
April 30, 2019

  Crispitos. A famous lunch among Piper students that was taken away during student’s elementary years, is now making a comeback. The crispitos made its comeback on Tuesday, April 23. It...

2019 prom candidates
Back row (left to right): Devon Marshall, Brandon Walker, Brandan Jackson and Alonzo Wright
Front row (left to right): Marilynn Buff, Hannah Pappert, Erika Ewell and Savannah Vazquez
April 19, 2019

Brandon Walker and Hannah Pappert Erika Ewell and Brandan Jackson Savannah Vazquez and Alonzo Wright Marilynn Buff and Devon Marshall   The 2019 prom will be held from...

Students, teachers lean away from Mrs.

The use of Ms. has become more common, even with teachers who are married.
April 16, 2019

Students learn to address their teachers by a specific title and when to use each one in elementary school. However, the use of honorifics in schools has changed. Many teachers and students find themselves...

More than a car

Students share their creative car names.
April 9, 2019

Growing up comes with many responsibilities like getting a job, paying for things and getting a driver's license. People spend a lot of their time going from place to place for their responsibilities,...

Cheer team celebrates accomplishments, looks forward to next year

The cheer team performs a stunt during a timeout at the state basketball tournament.
April 5, 2019

The cheer team have concluded their historic 2018-2019 year. From cheering on the Pirates at the first football game on August 31 to walking alongside Piper alumni Eric Stonestreet in the St. Patrick’s...

Change in the Brain

Senior Taran Kerst scrolls through social media during her down time at school.
Screen time could cause change in brain development
April 4, 2019

As  21st century version of the Roaring 20’s approaches, a first-of-its-kind generation is being raised. For the first time in history, children are being born into a world in which smartphones, laptops,...

They’re not in Kansas anymore

March 28, 2019

It was an exciting Wednesday night, all Piper students were all celebrating the first round win for the boys basketball state tournament in Salina, Kansas. Until, seniors Brady Johnson and Dalton White...

Hooked on a feeling

How love addiction affects teenaged relationships
February 28, 2019

*Names have been changed due to source requests for anonymity When they first got together, they were happier than they had ever been before. They said they were in love. As time wore on, though, their...

Homework taken to the next level

Working on her notes, foreign exchange student Polina Rakusheva works toward perfection during Spanish. Students feel the pressure to have perfect notes, grades and homework to attain scholarships or based on pressure from parents.
Students feel pressure for scholarships, from family to perform academically.
February 28, 2019

High school students are often encouraged to put school work first. However, with extracurricular activities, sports and more, many students find themselves spending extra hours striving to reach perfectionism. Senior...

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